Hongirana salutes constitution.

Freedom in mind,

Faith in words,

Pride in our heart,

Memories in our souls,

Let’s salute the nation on republic day.


On 26th of January, in 1950,  India was declared as a sovereign, secular, socialistic, republic and democratic. our country celebrates republic day every year to honor the date when constitution of India came in to force. Hence, the 69th Republic day was marked with patriotic fervor and gaiety at Hongirana School of Excellence. The celebration commenced with the customary unfurling of the National flag by Principle Mrs. Shobha K , followed by the National anthem. Later the  whole school echoed with patriotic songs like  “Zanda Uncha Rahe Hamara” and “Vande Matharam”, by choir group. It was followed by   the colourful cultural programme by the students including  mock parliament,  a skit on Shri Vivekananda and a speech on soldiers.


In-between Mathematics faculty of  the school, Ms. Shruthi, enlightened the children about the constitution and its formation. In her talk she inspired the students by sharing the sacrifices of our defense force who laid their lives for motherland. The guest Mr. Sharanakumar, one of our parent  from Chithradurga, who is enjoying agriculture and politics, spoke about the significance of the day. The president , Mr. Narendra M.M , School parent, agriculturist and a social worker, motivated the students to be the harbingers of a social change to build a new better and strong India. At the end the students  dispersed after the distribution of sweets with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.

Click here to view the album


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