Teacher’s empowerment programme  2018-19 started on 15th May. The session for primary teachers was with Mrs. Shobha Dove, an educationist from Mysore.

On the first day, she emphasized on the strengths and weaknesses of each teacher and she even focused on the changes they need in their life and in the school.

Afternoon,   she engaged the teachers through an activity which focused on what is good communication and what are the qualities of good communication. There was a discussion on the importance of positive strokes. To gain confidence, she gave a mantra ‘I can, I must and I will’. She ended the session by saying teachers should motivate, reward and appreciate the children.

Next day, she began the session by motivating the teachers to accept challenges, love their job and to find pleasure in it. She motivated the teachers through her experiences to face the problems instead of running away from it. She also guided on how to deal with the parents.

Afternoon, she started the session by sharing, learning project activity practiced at River Side School. Later the session was followed by ‘Tower building’ activity in groups.  She presented PPT on “Quality Circle” and she told about the importance of having quality circle and how it helps to solve many  classroom problems.

On the third day, the session began with a demo of quality circle by teachers. Later she discussed about how to improve classroom library and how to develop reading habit among children. She showed some PPTs on Social and English concepts. She emphasized on 4 communication strategies- Apathy, Antipathy, Sympathy and Empathy. She gave many tips to teachers which are very useful in daily classroom teaching learning activities. Overall she interacted with the teachers by sharing her experiences.

On 18th May, Mrs. Shobha. K, the principal of our school led the session. The session began with a motivational video on the ‘Laws of Karma’. Madam gave the task for the teachers to write what they have understood Karma and  how it is related to life. All teachers were impressed by the video. Another group task was to write report on Mrs. Shobha Dove’s sessions on 3 days by 3 groups.

In the afternoon teachers shared their feelings about the video and submitted the 3 days’ report. She concluded the session by a discussion on another video “7 difficult but simple habits that change your life”. It was helpful for the teachers to change their attitude and perception towards life.

On 19th and 20th of May the sessions were conducted by ‘Pipal Tree Foundation’ people Mr. Vishvanathan and Mrs. Manjula. They began the session with   motivational words. First day discussion was done about subject linkages, subject expertise and about Blooms taxonomy. A 90 sec video was recorded by each teacher on teaching methods. These videos were shown which were followed by self assessment.

Next day discussion was held on problem solving strategies. Group wise task was given and presented well. They appreciated teachers’ thinking level and it made them think about their planning. From this session we got to know about our needs and strengths.



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