Food Fest

“Cooking the food is an art, knowing about the food is smart and sharing our food with others is part”.

To give a platform to students to know about the verities in food and food culture, Hongirana High School section organised food fest on 29th of September.

Aims of Food Fest:

  • To know the nutrition value of food items.
  • To develop creativity.
  • To develop presentation skills.
  • To bring team work.
  • To inculcate the culture of sharing.

With these aims, students of class IX and X were asked to bring Malnad food items and exhibit in the mess hall. They presented them in their section wise groups. They brought more than one hundred items that day and presented them in a very creative manner.

As guests, some parents were invited and they inaugurated the event by preparing food by using ingredients. They visited the food exhibition tables along with the staff members. All the items were so tasty that time was not sufficient to taste all the food items. Students also participated with a great zeal and enthusiasm. It was really a very good platform for them to exhibit their talent in cooking or in presenting the food. Later at the end of the event all the children shared the items that they brought among themselves. In total the delicious, hygienic and tasty food items brought grand success to the event.

Students Opinion:

Some of the hostel inmates opined that it was a great day for them to taste variety of foods in on day as they remain out of their house for a long time. Some day scholars opined that it gave them a great pleasure of sharing their food with all their friends, a feeling which can’t be purchased in the market.

In total, it was a great success with the cooperation of parents, coordination of the students and commitment of the teachers.

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