Trek in Ambaragudda

A famous proverb says ‘Sound mind in a sound body’. To have a balanced mind we must have a healthy body. Always this healthy body is the result of hard work and exercise. A best school must provide opportunities to improve both mind and body to its students. To sustain the peaceful mind for the students who are going to face CBSE class 10th exam, Hongirana High School section organized one day ‘trekking’ program to Ambaragudda near Nittur, Sagara.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To prepare the students to face the challenges of life.
  • To improve the physical condition of the students and to keep them fit for their routine activities.
  • To create the sense of responsibility, patience and tolerance among the students who can create the same in society.
  • To enable the trekkers to adjust themselves in new environment with unforeseen eventualities.
  • To give the opportunity to explore nature and be part of it.
  • To boost the morale and will power of the trekkers.
  • To improve the verbal/linguistic, interpersonal, intra-personal intelligence of the students.

With these aims and objectives, 92 students of class 10th were taken to Ambargudda. It is a hill covering 250 hectares located in Western Ghats near Kodachadri. Once it was a mining place and due to the protests, presently mining works were withdrawn. The Karnataka government declared it as a ‘natural heritage site’ of Western Ghats region in 2009.

Trekking is an art which any healthy and young minded person can learn at any age. It does not demand great strength or immense wealth but merely a desire and willingness to accept certain rough and smooth situations. With all these preparations the actual trekking was held on 30th of December.  After leaving the buses in the nearby village ‘Marathi’, our students started the trekking at 09:45AM. It was the journey of nearly 8 kilometers. Every child started to move with loads of energy and enthusiasm. By walking bit by bit, by defeating the challenges of the hill, by winning the burning heat of the sun, by enjoying the cool breeze on the sweating face, by appreciating the beauty of the nature, by listening to hundreds of different songs which were coming out of same number of mobiles students finally reached the top of the hill Ambargudda. There they observed the effect of mining, construction of road, destruction of nature etc. At 2:00PM all the children returned to their vehicles with the satisfaction of defeating the hill by walking on it.

After enjoying a delicious lunch, students started to move towards the houses of the village to know the socio-economical condition of that village through a survey. There they were able to understand the culture of those people, problems that they faced during the time of mining, protest that they organized, arrival of modern facility etc.

With the contentment of knowing a place, having enormous knowledge about the environment, everybody started their return journey at 6:00PM.

Students’ opinion:

Many hostel students opined that, “We were bit bored by routine study oriented activities. Today we got an opportunity to come out of the campus and to have some fun. It gave us a positive attitude of keeping our hope alive”.

Some of the day scholars opined that, “After climbing Ambargudda, the hill of our syllabus looks smaller for us. It gave us enormous strength and boosted our energy to face the upcoming examination”.

Teachers’ opinion:

HM of the high school section who organized the whole event opined that, “It showed me the role of motivation in one’s life. Without our motivational words more than 25% of our students were unable to climb the hill today. If we apply the same in day to day classes we may get a different result altogether”.

Finally, opinion of the students and their approach towards trekking proved that aims and objectives of the event were fulfilled.

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