WELCOME TO THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2019 – 2020 Report on Welcome day (Middle section)

                                          “Nature is the Best Teacher”

A cheerful “Welcome” helps children for a positive start to their school journey. Hongirana School of Excellence opened its doors for the students of Grade 6th to 8th on  May 27th 2019. The academic year 2019-2020 started off with the assembly in the presence of the Principal Mrs. Shobha Ravindra, where the new students and staff were welcomed to the Hongirana family.

To enhance the teacher – student bonding we started off the day with the ‘Name Card’ activity, where the students were asked to prepare a name card in different shapes and sizes. This was an interesting task as everyone enjoys art and craft.

Also to make this journey an exciting, successful and happy experience we took the children for a Walk in the Nature. Walking for miles together on a bright sunny day is not an easy task, but the children’s smile and enthusiasm was in a next level which motivated the teachers who accompanied them. 6th grade students visited the Trayambakeshwara Temple, where they sang devotional songs in praise of the God. On the way to the temple, they saw Rubber plantation and various other trees which they were able to recognize and describe.

7th grade students visited the USHAKIRANA, which is a dense forest near to  school.  There the students  were involved in the  meditation, which helped them to give their   ears to forest sounds like chirping of birds, blowing of winds etc.  Post this, they were divided into small groups  by assigning particular tasks. Among these, Some  observed the  medicinaly valued plants, where as others  collected various stones and leaves from the forest land.

8th grade students visited a forest area in Mattikoppa, where they were asked to think over an adjective as prefix to their  names. This activity helped the child to think out of the box and describe himself in a word. Meanwhile it also helped the teachers to  identify which zone had he/she is interested in, as some of the adjectives were adventurous, super, multitalented, rocking etc….

Afternoon session was fun filled. Students were carried away by various classroom games and activities. The day ended with happiness and cheerfulness on the faces of the children.

                               “Every day is an opportunity to learn and be better”

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