To create awareness amongst the children about the human trafficking and child kidnapping crimes that prevailed in the society now a days, a talk by the Circle Inspector Mr. Mahabaleshwara S Naik was organized for all the hostellers of Hongirana on 14th June, 2018 at 5 pm. Vice Principal Mr. Aravind Gurjar, Warden Mr. Umesh Gudigar and all the residential teachers were present in the forum.

Mr. Sunil V K, a residential teacher welcomed the gathering.  Later, the CPI, Mr. Mahabaleshwara S Naik initiated his talk stating that self confidence is very important quality in a person.   If one is equipped with self confidence he/she can achieve anything in life.  He said that homesickness is quite common in children who live in residential set up.  But that should not become a major impediment in life for a child.  He motivated children to be confident enough in fulfilling their career dreams.  Later he pondered about human trafficking and explained how children were being kidnapped by anti-social elements in the society and brutally misused.  Thus, he alerted the kids to be focused on their goals rather than thinking adversely because of homesickness which would lead to lot of pain and suffering for themselves, their parents as well as the institution.  Thus, this talk made the children to be aware of the pros and cons of the far-reaching hasty decisions that they take due to homesickness.


Mr Sunil V K, a residential school teacher said, “His talk motivated the students towards achieving their goals by overcoming homesickness.  His talk inculcated students to remain focused on their goals and motivated them to be self- confident in life.  The outcome of this talk was that end of the day the new inmates of hostel with homesickness understood their responsibility towards themselves, their parents and towards institution.


Abbubakar of I PUC felt very proud about the Police officer and said, “ He took every failure as a stepping stone to success.  If one has to achieve something in life, one has to learn to face the ordeals of life.  I felt whenever we do something in life, we should possess self-confidence and determination in life.  We should set big goals and dreams and also need to utilize the available opportunity ideally.  We should possess the first impulse of taking up challenges that comes our way without having hesitation.  Totally, I felt such talks will definitely boost up our morality”.

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To make them feel homely and elevate their mood from residential setup, the students of Class IV to VIII were taken out for their first day outing on 17th June 2018 to Ammanaghatta & Karanagiri.

It was 10.00am when the troop of 75 students accompanied by 12 residential teachers including the Warden of the institution, Mr. Umesh left the campus with a great enthusiasm.  It was little cloudy, so the students were asked to equip themselves with umbrellas and water bottles.  They reached Mavinalli at 10.45 am and started to trek to Jenukallamma’s temple in Ammanaghatta.  The trekking was enjoyed whole heartedly by all as they were taken through the lush green forest.  They got exposed to the flora and small rivulet amidst the rocky hillocks.  The horde reached temple at 12.30pm, offered reverence to the deity and relaxed for a while.  After a break for lunch and relaxation, they started to travel to Lord Ganesh’s temple at Karanagiri and reached the place by 2.45pm.  The temple was adorned with Glass decorative on all the walls which gave a festive look for the viewers as they were the best masterpieces. Several incarnations of Lord Ganesh were depicted in the temple as well.  At about 3.30pm, they left Karanagiri and reached the school campus by 4.30pm with great memories to cherish.  Totally, it was an amazing experience for the residential junior students and the teachers who were loaded with great fun.


The Warden of the residential school Mr. Umesh opined that, “It was the first outing with our residential students for this academic year 2018.  Each one of us were stacked with Good cherish able memories.  Students’ persistence was greatly admirable as even kids of Class IV trekked with the same enthusiasm.  We kept them going on and on by narrating small little stories on the way, introducing them to the flora life of the lush green forest and giving them breathing space in between by resting for a while.  For me, being a new person to the family, everything was enjoyable with the kids.  Thus, totally it was a great memorable event to kick start the new academic year”


Sindhu Raikar of Class VIII said that, “We started our journey after breakfast.  We had great fun in the school bus provided for us to travel to Ammanaghatta.  We, with great vigor, reached the venue at around 10.45am roughly.  It was first amidst agricultural fields we trekked and later reached the lush green forest.  We started relishing all kind of forest fruits available on our way and trekked happily.  Crossing the hillocks and rivulets on the way, we reached Ammanaghatta’s Junekallamma temple. It was a thrill to know about the ancient temple amidst forest. After rendering reverence, we had food and started off our journey from there to Karanagiri, which was another amazing place.  As it rained for a while we had to stop and rest there.  Thus we again had fun along with teachers on the way travelling back to Hongirana.  For me it is one of the memorable moments”.

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Investiture Ceremony

Hongirana always believes in developing leaders, decentralising the power and making the kids responsible. Election was one such big step to bring these aspects among the students. So that, like all other years it conducted school leader election in the campus.

Aims and objectives:

  • To bring self responsibility among the students.
  • To develop leadership qualities.
  • To give the experience of voting.
  • To bring civic sense among the future voters.
  • To enhance the awareness among the students regarding elections.
  • To involve them in the process of ‘school building’ process.

With these aims and objectives Hongirana conducted ‘school leader election’ on 18th of June in the school campus. Announcement of the election was done on 11th. To make the election more systematic one, certain criteria were fixed for those who want to contest in the election. Accordingly only three students Mythili, Namratha and Harshitha filed their nomination.

After the verification, candidates were allowed to canvas. They addressed the voters in the assembly and visited all the sections to attract the voters. During those days campus was filled with the true spirit of election.

Students from 6th to 10th were the voters who used their rights enthusiastically. Total three Booths were set in 3 different rooms and all the class teachers were appointed as booth officers. Section wise students came in queue and casted their vote to their candidate. After the voting, counting was started. It was open counting system where counting was done in front of the voters and candidates.

Soon after completing the counting Chief Election Commissioner Mr. Aravind Gurjar announced the result. Mythili was declared as Leader and Namratha as Deputy Leader.

Investiture ceremony was the last step of the election process which started with the announcement of election on 11th of June. To enhance the responsibilities of newly elected leaders, this Investiture ceremony was organised on 20th of June. In this occasion, Mrs Shobha Ravindra, Principal of the institution addressed the students and said, “Leaders must be responsible to their class, section, school environment and the campus as a whole. They play major role in maintaining clean surrounding. Hence they must be more alert in the school timing.”

After her speech, she dictated Oath to the Leader and the Leader dictated the same to all the newly formed union members.

Nayana Jose was the MC of this formal program.

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There was a volleyball match organized for the senior boys to ensure the unification of all new comers to hongirana family with that of old ones. It was also an effort to elicit the innate sportive talent of the students.  The senior boys – new and old, entertained all the juniors who were spectators of the day.

The match started at around 10 am on 10th of June 2017.  Good players from Classes from IX to PUC were selected as Team Captains and all other players of the teams were selected by PE Teachers.  It was an amazing thriller for the spectators and also the players.  The junior boys enjoyed as spectators cheering their seniors.

A friendly match was also played by the residential teachers to entertain the students with utmost enthusiasm.  Thus, it was a day well spent with great energy.


Mr. Adarsh, a residential teacher said that “Games & sports help the holistic development of a child.  Hence Hongirana residential school always focuses on such a holistic development.  On 10th June 2018, the volley ball tournament developed great energy in the children and also it kept the new children away from homesick mood.


Arjun K B of Class X opined as “Being  a new family member of Hongirana hostel, I was not aware of the team players initially, later when the teams were made and a match was played, I was quiet relieved.  We played with a great team spirit.  I could understand the team strength.  It was raining outside but we played indoor which was a great pleasure.  Proud to say that our team won the match.  Interest in the match was inculcated in the new students. Totally it was a kind of stress buster for us amidst academics”.


It was the turn of the junior students to entertain the seniors.  They chose to exhibit their innate love for culture by giving a stage performance of various forms of arts.  In fact, they had practiced these since they joined Hongirana hostel.  And the day for the show was scheduled on 10th of June 2018 as cultural evening.

After a grand rehearse of the programmes in the evening post snacks, the tiny tots went out to adorn themselves with costumes for the long awaited cultural evening.  It was really wonderful to see the senior girls helping the juniors in getting decked.

The programme was witnessed by the Principal of the institution, Mrs. Shobha Ravindra, Warden of the Institution Mr. Umesh and the Guests Mrs. Rekha and Ms. Vibha K R along with all teaching and non-teaching staff. The programme got commenced at 8.30pm with a prayer song by residential teacher Mrs. Kalpana and a group prayer song by Class VIII girls.  Navyashree of Class VIII was the master of ceremony who sequentially invited the performers on stage after welcoming the Guests to the programme. Fact of appreciation was that the senior students who were the spectators of the evening were greatly thrilled by the performances of the juniors of Class IV to Class VIII.  The various cultural events were, dances, dramas, folk songs, mime etc., which were highly commendable. Mr. Kiran, who was a new member to the family as a residential teacher also sang a light musical song to entertain the audience.  Totally it was a colourful cultural evening spent with great zealous kids.


Mr. Umesh, the warden of the institution felt really proud about the kids and said, “It was a great evening spent amidst the energetic junior kids who gave their best on the day.   Especially the performance of the kids for a patriotic song was great.  Another funny dance-drama was greatly hilarious.  Folk dance was another highlight of the event.  Thus the evening went out with great fun highlighting the rich culture and heritage of our nation with available limited resources.  These kinds of programmes will definitely put the children off from their homesickness.”


Navyashree of Class VIII opined that, “We all felt very light at heart to have this cultural evening programme.  When one has to stay in a hostel set up, one will have a chain of memories of Parents, siblings, old friends, school etc. And these memories will menace us only when we are allowed to be free.  So the institution gave us a wonderful opportunity to come out of such homesickness by engaging us in cultural evening activities.   Besides, the institution also elicited the innate talent of the students in a wonderful manner.  We all gave our 100% to the cultural evening concept and actively participated in it.  The programme came out very well with a great success.  It was a unique experience for me as I was given the opportunity to master the ceremony.   Totally, it was an amazing experience for the new comers to get adjusted very easily to the environment”.

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Hongirana is known for its uniqueness in residential school setup since 16 years. In contrast with cities, here, children learn about nature by living amidst lush green vegetation.  They interact, enjoy and absorb the goodness and tranquility of the nature and grow to excel in their lives.  With this inherent quality, the new Academic year at Hongirana Residential School commenced on 22th May, 2018 for Classes IX, X and PUC II year. The junior students from Class IV to Class VIII started their academic year at Hongirana from 27th May 2018. PUC I year students came into Hongirana family on 31st May 2018. The students were welcomed with utmost love and compassion and were made to feel at home by all the residential teachers.  Academics were focused on a serious note for senior boys since 23rd May onwards.  But for juniors, there was a little initial leniency. Hence, they were engaged in various cultural activities like dance, drama, song, skit etc., based on ethical themes. Students of Class IX and X were also taken to NINAASM to watch films and a drama to keep them entertained a little amidst academics.

JUNE 2018


To kick start the academic year with some principled inspiration, a motivational talk was arranged for both senior and junior students. It was scheduled on 3rd June 2018.  The junior boys were engaged in activity based motivational talk by Middle Section HM Mrs. Rajashree.  The senior boys attended motivational talk by our own resource person and Kannada faculty of high school section, Mr. Sandeep Shetty in D G hall.

The talk by Sandeep Shetty commenced from 10 am.  He pondered on a few of his childhood experiences, showed a video and discussed about what a student life is in utmost subtlest way, which inspired the students greatly.  Totally it was a day spent sensibly to kickstart an academic year, so that the students would remain focused throughout the year.


Ms. Sujaya, a residential teacher opined that, “Mr. Sandeep Shetty’s motivational talk was very inspiring.  He discussed his own life experiences and said how one has to use the opportunity that comes his way for the betterment.  He discussed how a student’s attitude should be while he is learning.  He advised them to assimilate 5 important qualities to lead a good student life by adopting hardworking quality of a crow, alertness of a dog, focused attitude of a crane and vulture, and a child’s nature that follows its parents.   These impressed me great deal and felt that the Hongirana students were fortune enough to get such subtle knowledge about good student mannerism.  Totally I felt that such talks should come more in numbers so that the students remain focused towards their goals”.


Venkatesh of Class X opined that, “I got to know that one should be very alert in grabbing opportunity as it comes once in a way in lifetime.  Sandeep sir shared his own childhood experience to enrich us.  He gave some examples of birds and animals and motivated us to adopt their qualities in our life.  He highlighted that one should be satisfied with what he or she is blessed with in life and crib for nothing.  These were really helpful in inspiring me to take all the opportunities that comes my way and felt like internalizing all these qualities into life.

Simultaneously, juniors had a motivational talk presented by middle section HM, Mrs. Rajashree, in multimedia hall.  After a brief introduction and interaction with the students, she divided the students into groups and conducted some games to bring them into live mode.  Later, they were given topics on which they had to present skits group wise.  As this was the first session for the juniors in the hostel, this activity impressed them greatly.  Totally it was a commendable performance of the kids.


Ms. Arpana, a residential teacher opined that, “For me, it was the first motivational session.  I assumed it to be one of the boring sessions.  But, it was really amazing to see the kids performing independently without the support of the teachers.  What made them active were a series of games that Rajashree madam came up with initially, and then the children got geared up and enjoyed great deal.  I was astonished to see the children performing brilliant skits based on the topics with their own dialogues. Totally it was a good platform for the children to exhibit their innate talent and we teachers also had great fun along with them”.


Tarun Sagar B of Class VIII said that “We firstly could introduce ourselves to the new comers without any hesitation.  She motivated us to jell up with the new comers and asked us to co-operate with them.   She conducted a few games to make us lively.  To make us more confident on stage, she gave us some topics to perform skits.  It was a great feel to perform together with new comers and also enjoyed as audience for the other performing groups.  Totally we had a great fun and learnt some mannerism from Rajashree Madam.


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Environment Day

Hongirana High school and Middle section celebrated the environment day on 20th of June in the campus.

Aims and objectives:

  • To bring awareness about the environmental issues among the students.
  • To encourage the students to actively participate in the celebration as well as become an agent in developing environmental safety measures.
  • To encourage them to make their surrounding safe and clean.
  • To sensitize the children regarding their role in developing safe environment for their future.
  • To give them the feel of belongingness with the nature.

With these aims and objectives, Mr. Janardhana G L was invited as chief guest of the program to address the gathering. In his speech he opined that the education system must come out of the myth of teaching science in the laboratories. For those subjects, nature can become the real lab. Even the kitchen room in a house can become the lab for Chemistry or Biology. He continued that knowledge is there in the nature but we need to register that knowledge in our nation. The director of ‘Environmental Study Centre’ Santhekadur also opined that, “experiential learning is the need of the day. But it cannot take place in the classrooms. So we need to bring out our kids from the four walls. Nature is the only place where the experiential learning can take place”.

In the presidential remark, Mr. Shrikanth M P, a well known agriculturist opined that, “agriculture comes from nature and nature grows with the agriculture. So the schools must adopt the concept of agriculture in their curriculum to make the next generation to know the importance of the primary sector of our nation”.

In the same program students from High school and Middle section presented their report on the project that they did during their vacation on environmental issues. Navyashree of class 8th welcomed the gathering, Mallikarjun of X gave vote of thanks and Janhavi of the same class hosted the program. Vice Principal of the school Mr. Aravind Gurjar gave the foreword.

In the afternoon high school students planted more than one hundred plants in the campus. With this they contributed a bit to develop a green campus in the school.

In total it was a great successful program which was organized on both theoretical and practical basis.

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On account of world environment day Hongirana college organised a special lecturing to PU students by Mr.Rohith.

He spoke to students about the celebration of World Environment Day which is the 44 years old concept in world history. By giving real life experiences he motivated students to understand the international theme of environment day 2018-“ BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION”.

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